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Event Start Date : 01/12/2018 Event End Date 31/12/2018

English Month Celebration (III - V)

The Primary Wing of D A V Public School, SEC-49 celebrated the English Language by organising an English month in December wherein many literary competitions were held and English-related activities were organised. It was a month of flurry and excitement, with the children being fruitfully engaged in various tasks related to the English language.

Board Activity

The students of Class 3, 4 and 5 kicked off the English Month celebrations by participating in the Board Activity on 14 December. Each section of class 3 decorated their board with the pictorial depiction of a poem. The boards came to life with poems about trees, animals, outer space, flowers etc. The students of class 4 conceptualised and designed a book cover of their favourite book from scratch. It was a mass activity which brought the imagination, artistry and the designing skills of the children to the forte. All the book covers were thoughtfully designed and beautifully made. They were not only exquisite to look at but also highly informative. The students of class 5 depicted stories through pictures. As the characters of famous novels came to life on the boards the corridor became an exhibit of literary masterpieces. Each board told a different story in an unique way!

JAM (Just A Minute)

The Board Activity was followed by the JAM( Just A Minute) competition. It was an extempore competition in which the children exhibited their talent and beautifully expressed their views on myriad topics ranging from food habits to the games we play, from friendship to values and virtues, from practical issues to imaginary situations. The competition which went on for almost two hours kept the audience as well as the judges enthralled. The young talent that was showcased was indeed impressive. The judges were pleased to hear the young speakers express their views with clarity, conviction and confidence. Two participants from each grade were chosen as winners – Kabir (III D), Supash (III E), Anshika (IV D), Kapish (IV E), Ishita (V D) and Niharika (V E).

Spell Bee

The hugely popular Spell Bee competition which is looked forward to by the students every year was held on 17 December. It was a mass competition in which all the students of classes 3 to 5 attempted various vocabulary based questions. The students who scored the highest in Round 1 of the competition were chosen for the second round. The winners were chosen on the basis of their performance in the second round. Aaliya (V E), Shwetank (IV A) and Lavanya (III A) won the First Prize, Niharika (V E), Somya (IV C) and Sanskriti of III C won the Second Prize, Tanay (V E), Shivansh (IV C) and Aditri of III E won the Third Prize.