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SCIENCE MONTH “Science is simply the word we use to describe a method for organizing our curiosity”.
Event Start Date : 01/04/2019 Event End Date 30/04/2019


 Scientists have rightly said that Science and everyday life cannot and should not be separated. It is Science that enables us to develop knowledge of the facts, laws and the processes of nature. The celebration of Science Month in April aims to foster scientific temperament in the students as they venture forth in their educational journey.

The celebrations were flagged off by a mass Poster Making activity on 8 April in which students of classes 3 to 5 expressed their views pictorially on the most serious problem facing our planet today – Pollution. The theme for Class 3 students was Go Green, while the Class 4 students made posters on the topic 'Heal the world - Beat air pollution' and the Class 5 students made posters on the topic 'Heal the world – Beat plastic pollution'. The Poster Making competition not only explored the imagination and creativity of the children but also helped to familiarise them with the grave problem of pollution and thus inspired them to think of solutions. The beautiful and thought provoking posters made by the children impressed all the judges.

The Magical Science Competition was organised on 16th April. The students performed a wide range of experiments in this competition and explained the scientic reason behind various phenomenon. Complex and difficult-to-comprehend scientific concepts such as air pressure, lateral inversion, refraction, carbonisation, surface tension, diffusion etc were beautifully explained through simple experiments. The judges had a tough time deciding which experiment was the best. The winners were selected on the basis of their practical knowledge, content, creativity and presentation.