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SHOT 2019
Event Start Date : 11/11/2019 Event End Date 11/11/2019

Congratulations to all the winners of SHOT 2019.
The young astronomers of DAV Public School, Sector-49, Gurugram have made their way to Solar Expedition…..
Whether it is Kerala or Sultanate of Oman, our students can reach anywhere with their hard work and determination. Space has conducted space Heliodyssey test under the Heliodyssey project. More than a thousand students participated in the test and acclaimed fully sponsored trips to Oman and Kerala and many other awards as well.
"Great ring of fire - India 2019 " is the annular eclipse which will be seen as a ring of fire around the disc of moon.
The expedition to Oman and Kerala is the Indian Student Scientific Solar Expedition in which students will be conducting a detailed study of sun, eclipse phenomenon,its impact on earth's atmosphere, variation of light and temperature and effects on flora and fauna. This is the largest student experiment and recording of eclipse anywhere in the world.
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