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CLASS V English Declamation Competition
Event Start Date : 30/04/2020 Event End Date 30/04/2020

English Declamation Competition

The COVID-19 pandemic has taken the whole world hostage. Schools and offices are closed and people are forced to stay indoors. It is a calamity brought about due to irresponsible human behaviour. But will we learn from our mistakes and move on towards a better tomorrow? History is witness that when we embrace the storm and learn from it our life changes and that lesson becomes a blessing.

The students of Class 5 had a Declamation Competition on 30.04.2020 in which they expressed their thoughts on the topic ' Corona Virus - A blessing in disguise for our planet.' The participants were well prepared and spoke confidently and convincingly on the present day scenario and how this pandemic is a blessing in disguise. Their speeches not only revealed their understanding of the grave issue but also brought out their optimism and willingness to bring about a change. First prize was won by Aarit Dawara, second by Dhruvika Dhiman and Third prize was won by Kaavyansh Khanna. The competition was a very entertaining brainstorming experience which won the hearts of the judges.