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Event Start Date : 01/08/2018 Event End Date 31/08/2018

"Mathematics is the knowledge with which God has written the universe" - Galileo.

The importance of Mathematics has never been greater than now and for the foreseeable future. Mathematical skills are crucial for a wide array of analytical, technological, scientific, economic and soft skill applications. Training students to become adept users of Mathematics and to appreciate its usefulness is of paramount importance for the future.

Math Month was celebrated in D.A.V. Public School, Sector-49 in the month of August. The primary objectives of the Math Month celebrations were to encourage the young learners to get involved, to dispel Math phobia, to create a love for the subject and to perceive the connection of mathematical concepts with real life situations.

Board Making Activity

On 6 August all the sections of Classes III to V took part in the board making activity. It was a mass activity which involved all the students. While the class III students made informative boards on the topics of Time, Fraction and Measurement, the students of Class IV and V beautifully presented information on a wide range of mathematical topics such as Measurement Conversion, Area and Perimeter, Angles, Types of Fractions, Indian Place Value Chart, Factors, Triangle Family, Decimals etc. The students used a variety of materials and styles to present their topics in interesting ways. They thoughtfully designed their respective boards to shed light on complex mathematical concepts. It was a fun filled group activity fully enjoyed by all the students where they learned more about mathematical concepts through pictorial representation. Apart from the class boards two main boards were also made on the topics 'Math Vocabulary' and 'Minion Reasons to Love Math'.

Math is Fun

On 10 August a mass competition titled 'Math is Fun' was organized. It was a mental ability test based on the Math syllabus according to their grade. All the students tried their best to solve a questionnaire which dealt with various grade appropriate topics within the stipulated time-frame. The tricky questions tested not only the understanding of various Math concepts but also the application skills of the students.


The Math Month culminated on 29 August with the highly competitive, educational and popular Math based quiz 'Puzzlomania'. It was a group competition where three students of each house from classes III to V competed against each other. The quiz was divided into five rounds – The Brain Game (based on Mental Math), Think Before You Speak ( One step Calculations), Memory Detective (Visual Round), Who Has The Biggest Brain? (Two step calculations) and Travel Around The World(Monument and shapes). All the houses were well prepared for the much awaited quiz and fought tooth and nail to beat each other. The competition was so close that at the end of the final round, there was a tie! Finally it was Jyoti House (The Math Minions) who showed nerves of steel and presence of mind to the title of the winners.