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Library Periods

Library periods are allocated for every class starting from UKG to XII . During library periods students can issue and return the books of their choice. To encourage reading habits among students, book reviews are discussed in library periods.

Library Orientation Session

An orientation session is specially organized for the students to tell them about the importance of reading and apprise them about the rules and procedures to be followed in library. This includes explanations regarding OPAC, arrangement of books on shelves, procedure of Issue and Return, procedure for Reservation of book, procedure for Suggestion of new books, responsibility of the member in case of loss of book or causing damage of book.

CBSE/ School Examination Question papers

Previous Question papers of CBSE are kept in the library. Sample question papers and question banks are also procured for reference of the teachers and students.

Notice Boards

The library notice board gives information regarding new books added to the library, book of the week, student book review, career, higher education and competition related information. A Bulletin board is displayed in the library provide information, rules and instructions. Also students are encouraged to add quotes or thoughts in the board.

New Arrivals

The new arrivals list is displayed in the notice board. The new books are also displayed on New Additions display rack.

Book Reviews

Good book reviews by the students and book review columns published on the newspapers are displayed. It gives a chance to the readers to understand the books.

Books on competitive exam

A section is especially dedicated for thebooks on competitive exams for the use of the students. Students are given information about the new arrivals in this section.

Reference Section

There is a good collection of reference books in the library in different subject areas. These books are not issued and allowed to read only in the library.

Internet Facility

Library provides Internet access in support of its overall mission to provide information in all forms.

Book Exhibitions

Book Exhibitions with cooperation from the difference publishers/sellers are organised every year.

Literary Festivals/ Book Weeks/ Competitions/ Projects

To promoste reading habit and library use, competitions such as literary quiz, character parades, reading sessions, designing of book jackets, book marks etc are taken place. Prizes are given to the winners. Best library users are selected every session and their names are displayed on the library blog.

DAV Library functions during vacation and holidays also. Throughout the vacations the library remains open to facilitate the students, teachers and other staff.