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Fit India Plogging Run
Event Start Date : 02/10/2019 Event End Date 02/10/2019

DAV Public School, Sector-49, Gurugram took out 'Fit India Plogging Run' on 02.10.2019 on the call from the government of India to make India fit and plastic free. This is a unique combination of picking up litter while jogging and is termed as an innovative exercise to fulfil the dreams of the Father of the Nation, Mahatma Gandhi. The run started at 7:30 am from the school campus.

Around 200 parents, students, teachers along with the Principal picked up the litter from the vicinity and motivated others also to do the same. They moved along the designated path with the tic tic song for keeping the surroundings clean, playing at the back drop. Gloves and cloth bags were also distributed by the school to pick up the trash. We collected 60 Kgs plastic in a distance of just 2 kms. This is a warning bell for all of us, as we all know the ill effects of plastic. Just imagine when we will start cleaning the entire country, what will be the quantity.

SDO Pollution Control, Ms Neha Sahara also joined the mission and acknowledged the efforts of the school. The school Principal, Ms Charu Maini said that Fitness and cleanliness go hand in hand and we all must promote this habit amongst all. She motivated everyone to work for liberating from the menace of single use plastic and also to be fit to create fit India. She also thanked all the parents and students for taking this mission forward.