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Be More Than What You Are Taught To Be- Panel Discussion
Event Start Date : 08/03/2019 Event End Date 08/03/2019

Minds are like parachutes, they only function when open..”


To open the gateways of minds of students standing at the threshold of class XII, DAV Public School, sector-49, Gurugram, organized a panel discussion on 08.03.19 on the topic- “Be more than you are taught to be.” It was the first event organized in the series of student alumni interactions planned to cater to the apprehensions of the students of class XII and to motivate them to enhance their academic performance. The panelists of the discussions were alumni of DAV Public School, the undergraduate students who excelled in all fields and could make a mark in class XII maintaining the balance between academics and other activities essential for overall personality development. They were Aditya Kulraj, pursuing Computer Science Engineering at Delhi Technological University; Jivesh Madan, pursuing Bio Chemical Engineering and Bio technology at IIT, Delhi; Kushal Kumar, pursuing Civil Engineering at IIT, Delhi and Pratyush Maini, pursuing Computer Science Engineering at IIT, Delhi.

The students got the opportunity to interact with them and get solutions to their concerns and queries. The panelists provided them some much needed information, tips to improve their score and handled the conflicts of their minds. They told about the importance of having clarity of vision, setting priorities, having study group or circle and learning from mistakes. Overall, it was a fruitful session for the students in which they learnt to be more than they are taught to be.