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Our honourable ex-principal ,Dr.(Mrs.)L.Yadava is a phenomenally phenomenal woman who was at the helm of affairs during the metamorphic period of the institution where we are sitting today.... the period which saw the birth of this very institution, the person because of whose continuous, consistent and efficient efforts the school has sprouted up to spread its fragrance.

With her tremendous dedication, ability and determination she had always been instrumental in planning and development of this school. Her contribution to this institution is unparalleled. 

She started her journey with D.A.V. organization as a biology teacher in the year 1989 at  D.A.V. Public School , Sector-14,Gurgaon. The perfection in her work was recognised and she was given the responsibility of senior supervisory head where she worked tirelessly taking care of various departments till 2010. In the year 2010 when the foundation of D.A.V. Public School, Uppal’s Southend,Sector-49, Gurgaon was laid and the responsibility of this school was to be handed over, she was the obvious choice of the management. She has always been the children's beloved biology teacher, favourite friend, cherished companion and exceptionally intelligent guide. The co-teachers are often heard saying that she has always been a helping hand and a perfect mentor to them. And throughout these 7 years of leadership she had always been unparalleled. She is the one who taught us as a teacher, scolded us for our wrongs as a mother and guided us to do the best like a mentor. She is the one who brought out the best in all of us and gave us the confidence to keep moving towards the zenith. She was there every morning …thunder, chill or rain... opening new arenas for all associated with this institution.