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Activity - Decode and Interpret the Symbols of the Brahmi Script- Class XII
Event Start Date : 29/04/2023 Event End Date 29/04/2023

History students of Grade XII at DAV Public School Sector 49, Gurugram recently engaged in a fascinating activity centered around the Brahmi Script. This activity was designed to give the students a glimpse into the ancient Mauryan period, during which this script was widely used.
Through this activity, the students were able to delve deeper into the rich history of India, as they learned about the origins of the Brahmi Script and its significance during the Mauryan period. They were able to gain an understanding of how the script was being used to record important events, communicate ideas, and convey messages.
This experience was not only educational but also hands-on, as the students got the opportunity to practice writing in the Brahmi Script themselves. This allowed them to truly appreciate the skill and precision required to create the intricate symbols and characters of the script.
Overall, this activity was an excellent way for the students to expand their knowledge and understanding of ancient Indian history. It also helped them develop their skills in reading, writing, and communication, as they learned to decode and interpret the symbols of the Brahmi Script.

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