Self-defence is traditionally thought of as the ability to fight back. However, it not only incorporates the physical aspects of defending oneself against attacks, but it also teaches mental awareness and prevention tactics to stop crimes before they happen. We at DAV  have also taken up some programs to train the students for their self defence.A number of students are getting training under these programs. 

Programs are as follows:

I. Student Police Cadets: The Student Police Cadet (SPC) Project is a school-based initiative by Kerala Police, implemented jointly by the Departments of Home and Education, and supported by Departments of Transport, Forest, Excise and Local Self-Government. The project trains high school students to respect the law, practice discipline and civic sense,and develop empathy for vulnerable sections of society. It also strengthens commitment towards family, community, and the environment, enabling them to resist negative tendencies such as substance abuse, deviant behaviour, intolerance, and other social evils.The Project was taken up by our school in the month of September 2017 for the students of class VIII. These cadets are trained on a weekly basis. To help students to emerge as knowledgeable and sensitive cadets who would never forget to follow safety rules, various sessions are organised. These kinds of sessions will help students to become responsible citizens of India.

II. Taekwondo Training: In these training sessions which takes place in the school, the students learn several techniques and skills that could potentially save their lives. During the physical training stage of self-defense, students are taught valuable skills to defendthemselves against “kicks, punches, grabs, throws, arm-holds, hair-pulls, chokes, bear-hugs,floor holds, gun attacks, knife attacks, stick attacks and multiple-attackers.” Learning how to escape these violent situations can effectively prepare them for real-life encounters. A special trainer  trains the students during school hours and takes up morning sessions too.


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