“It’s our differences that make us unique and define just how special we are”

Children are special and exhibit the uniqueness too….

Some are shy - others bold,

Some active - others super active,

Some distracted - others highly focused,

Some confident - others less so or over confident,

Some learn better in groups while others may learn better in their own ways.

So this implicates that all the children may not behave, understand or learn equally.

Appreciating this diversity  our team of counsellors and special educator strive to create an environment for holistic growth for our students who need special nurturance.


Psychological Counselling

The team of counselling psychologist at DAVPS, SEC. 49, Gurugram works on the developmental, preventive and remedial fronts with an aim to assist students to overcome inhibitions and promote their mental well being.

Children with behavioral issues ( behavioral excess -  behavioral deficits) find it difficult to maintain good interpersonal relationships and make effective adjustments. Such children are empowered through various interventions during counselling sessions.

Also, children are not separate entities and their behavioral manifestations depend upon their environment. As per the need parents, teachers and peer facilitators are sensitized to support and help create healthy environment for the child.

Group counselling sessions are also conducted to ensure the environmental safety of our students. Students also become capable in regulating their emotions, handling stress, managing time and navigating their problems with confidence.

Talent of Gifted children is also nurtured through guidance and enrichment programs. Their abilities and interests are evaluated to help them develop realistic academic and career goals.


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