“If a child can't learn the way we teach maybe we should teach the way they learn”

It is important for a teacher to keep a tab on each child’s learning and achievement. But there are some children who learn differently. They are least benefited by the regular classroom learning despite of innovative techniques/skills used by the teacher.

Such children are then referred to the Special Educator. These children are called ‘children with special needs.’ Education for these children is called Special Education. The individual differences exist among them. But the degree of individual differences brings in the need to create Individualised Educational Program(IEP) to enhance their learning. Through our regular visits to classes and interaction with class teachers on the progress of child, we are able to recognise these children at early stages so that early interventions can be provided and if needed referral to the experts can be done.

It is utmost important to identify the exact problem so that appropriate and effective educational planning can be done by Teachers or Special Educator with the consent of parents. This will improve student’s learning process and minimize barriers in the same.


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