Holistic education demands development of all aspects of individual’s personality including cognitive, affective and psycho motor domains. To serve this purpose, we have allotted days for refining the talent of the students in the activities of their choice.

Every Wednesday, students of classes I-V have their activity period in which they enhance their skills. Every Tuesday and Saturday, the students of classes VI-IX get the opportunity to polish their skills in the areas of their interest. Students can opt any activity of their choice from the varied activities offered to them.

1 DRAMSOC The dramatic society club is to foster a vibrant and inclusive community for individuals interested in various aspects of theater and dramatic arts. The club aims to provide a platform for members to explore, appreciate, and participate in the world of drama.
2 DEBSOC The objective of a debating society is to provide a platform for individuals to engage in intellectually stimulating debates, discussions, and public speaking activities. The society aims to foster critical thinking, effective communication, and the development of persuasive arguments among its members
3 CODING Coding is a creative activity that students from any discipline can engage in. It helps to build computational thinking, develop problem solving skills, improve critical thinking and exposure to real life situations to solve problems in various realms.
4 HANDICRAFT the club aims to provide opportunities for members to learn and develop various handicraft skills. this include techniques such as knitting, sewing, embroidery, painting etc.
5 FINANCIAL LITERARCY Financial literacy is one key area of focus in NSQF because it enables us to understand the administration, management, supervision and control of money. financial literacy attempts to introduce the learners to the basic financial concepts, including the evolution of money, the origins of modern banking in India, and the operations and services offered by various types of banks in India
6 MARKETING The objectives of marketing club typically revolves around developing marketing skills, fostering creativity, and gaining practical experience in the feild.
7 CULINARY The objectives of the club revolve around fostering a passion for cooking, expanding culinary knowlege and skills and promoting love for food. the club also organises culinary challenges.
8 ROCKETARY The objectives of a rocketary club revolves around the design, construction as well as the promotion of STEM education and aerospace exploration
9 SMERT School Medical Emergency Response Team is to provide immediate and effective medical assitance in emergency situations within the school premises. the team ensures that the school is well prepared to handle medical emergencies.
10 MUN The objectives are to stimulate the workings of the united nations and provide participants with a platform to develop skills in diplomacy, public speaking and research.
11 QUIZ CLUB the objective is to foster knowledge, critical thinking, teamwork and healthy competitions among its members.
12 ECO CLUB The club revolve around promoting environmental awareness, sustainability and taking action to protect the environment.
13 MUSIC (VOCAL) The objectives of the club are promoting vocal skills, musical expression and fostering a supoortive community for singers.
14 MUSIC (INSTRUMENTAL) The club beleive in fostering community for instrumentalists, promoting instrument skills and musical collaboration.
15 DANCE The objectives are to enhance dance skills, creativity, physical fitness etc. the club aims to provide classes in different dance styles.
16 VIGYANTARAM Vigyantram helps the students to develop necessary tech and life skills through robotics, coding, AI, IoT, 3D printing, Drones and other tech tools as a platform in fun and hands on way.
17 PAINTING The aims to provide opportunities for members to develop and enhance their painting skills. this include organising workshops, classes or demostration focussed on various painting techniques.
18 COMPUETER The club aims to provide opportunities for members to learn and enhance their knowlegde of varoius aspects of technology. the objectives is to promote technology literacy and equip members with practical skills relevant to the digital age
19 CRAFT the club aims to promote opportunities for members to learn crafting skills.the club encourages memebers to explore their creativity and experiment with different craft projects and mediums.
20 TAEKWONDO The objective of club is to promote physical fitness, self- defense skills, discipline and personal development.
21 GYMNASTICS the club focusses on promoting physical fitness, strength, endurance and flxibility. the objective is to foster a healthy lifestyle and improve members physical well being.
22 YOGA the club f0ocusses on promoting mindfulness and stress reduction through yoga practice. members learn breathing exercises, meditation techniques etc.
23 IGNITED MINDZ the club revolve around promoting technological literacy, fostering interest in various areas of technology and providing opportunities to dvelop technical skills.


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