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Educational Visit to Pearl Academy
Event Start Date : 12/05/2023 Event End Date 12/05/2023

On 12th May 2023, the students of Class XII from DAV PUBLIC SCHOOL, SEC-49,GURUGRAM, had an exciting opportunity to visit Pearl Academy, a renowned institution for fashion and design. The purpose of the visit was to enhance their knowledge and skills in fashion and styling, particularly in the context of portfolio making. The visit also included engaging workshops on designing and provided a chance to explore an exhibition of furniture and interior designing. Additionally, the students were treated to a captivating ramp show by the Fashion Designing students of Pearl Academy.
The day began with an interactive workshop on portfolio making, which was specifically designed to guide the students in creating impactful portfolios for their future endeavors in the fashion industry. The workshop covered various aspects of portfolio development, including content selection, layout design, and presentation techniques. Industry experts from Pearl Academy shared their insights and provided valuable tips to help the students showcase their creativity and talent effectively.
During the visit, the students were taken to an exhibition showcasing the innovative work of Pearl Academy's Interior Designing department. The exhibition featured a diverse range of furniture designs and interior concepts, allowing the students to explore various styles and approaches in the field of interior design. The students were able to gain inspiration and insights into the importance of aesthetics, functionality, and spatial planning in creating impactful interior spaces.
The highlight of the visit was a spectacular ramp show organized by the Fashion Designing students of Pearl Academy. The ramp show showcased their creativity, craftsmanship, and unique fashion collections. The students were thrilled to witness the stunning outfits, innovative designs, and the overall grandeur of the event. It provided them with a glimpse into the world of fashion shows and reinforced their passion for fashion and styling.
The visit to Pearl Academy proved to be an enriching and inspiring experience for the Class XII students.Through the portfolio making workshop, designing workshops, exhibition of furniture and interior designing, and the ramp show, the students gained valuable insights into the fashion and design industry. The visit not only expanded their knowledge and skills but also motivated them to pursue their passion for fashion and styling. The students expressed their gratitude to Pearl Academy for providing them with such a wonderful opportunity to explore and learn from industry professionals.


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