It has been asserted time and again that a child can know much about his environment, only, by exposing himself or herself to reading books, newspapers, and magazines. As the child is exposed to reading and develops the love for books, he finds it easier to explore the wealth of human experience and knowledge.

To provide ample of such opportunities to the students, D.A.V. Public School, sector-49, Gurugram has two Learning Resource Centres (LRC); one for the junior wing and one for the senior wing. The LRCs are equipped with high profile automation software which facilitates easy selection of books based on the choice of an individual. These LRCs stock more than 18600 books to cater to the interests and need of the students. They subscribe to 55 Magazines and Journals and 9 National Dailies. The facilities, material, equipment and staff of the school library as well as its operations are organised in such a way that they support learning within the pedagogic goals of the school.

These well stocked LRCs are air conditioned, spacious and sufficiently lighted to provide a suitable ambience of constructive learning to the students. The LRCs provide programmes that include both literary skills and information literacy skills. The Librarians collaboratively work with teachers to develop meaningful learning tasks and tailor student research programs. Students have regular opportunities to access fiction and non- fiction material from the extensive resource collection for research and recreational purposes.


Books are stocked in different sections for easy accessibility:

  • Fiction                                                                               

  • Non fiction

  • Reference books

  • Teacher Education

  • Positive Thinking

  • Environment

  • Olympiad

  • Textbooks etc.

Apart from this, there are great varieties of books available on competitive exams.


We have multiple large learning areas to engage students in group or independent activities. The LRCs hosts varied events throughout the year including:

  • Guest speakers                                                                                 

  • Storytelling sessions                                                            

  • Displays and exhibitions

  • Book cover designing competition

  • Character parade

  • Show and tell

  • Book reviews

  • Book marks

  • Cartoon making

  • Quizzes etc.






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