‘Education is a building whose each stone is held by students and teachers and cemented by happiness and multi-faceted growth.’
The meaning and definition of education has been multiplied and segregated into learning as well as growth under the umbrella of ethical responsibilities and outshining in the global world. We at DAV Believe that all of this can be achieved by making a start from the garden of knowledge of the school and progressing in the sphere of activities and opportunities that ensure the formation of a developed global citizen.
Children are our most valuable resource and we nurture them with utmost love, care and compassion. We instill long term values such as discipline, commitment, perseverance which will help them in every sphere of life – from success in exams to winning a marathon.
Completely comprehending the challenges which reveal opportunities, we at DAV facilitate a personality that stays fully aware about the need of the hour, and arises as a winner. We lay due emphasis on the holistic development of a child`s personality. We understand that the mind of every young aspirant is a storehouse of latent potential and the job at our hands is to expose them to such an ambience that offers them all requisite elements to nurture that prospective. We are living in a constantly changing VUCA world which is volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous. To handle these situations, we are equipping our children with 4 C’s, where a child has critical thinking, creativity, communication skills and has abilities to collaborate with others to conquer the world.
No stone is left unturned to embrace the objective of acknowledging the individuality in every student. We wholeheartedly believe that once the happiness quotient of an individual is well taken care of, the rest itself falls in place. The undeniable fact that the happy people are the most productive ones fuels the work culture at DAVPS, Sector-49, Gurugram. A team of erudite, joyful & contented individuals puts in its heart, body and soul to pave the path of multifarious learning opportunities for the delicate minds.
Our vision to be the Best Educational Institute is supported with the state-of-the-art infrastructure and world class facilities. The package of talented students at our institute has interminably been bringing much sought-after laurels in both curricular and co-curricular spheres.
I am grateful to my mentors who motivate us to become the torch bearers of enlightenment and reach the pinnacle of glory. This journey to success is nurtured by the untiring and dedicated efforts of the stakeholders who work passionately with an unwavering trust towards excellence. I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to all the parents for their steady faith and unyielding trust in us.
Stay happy and cheerful!
Charu Maini
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